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Southeastern Musical Services, Inc. has been providing world-class band instrument repairs, restorations, sales, and rentals since 1977.  We pride ourselves on friendly, professional customer service, with a dedicated, knowledgeable staff to help you.


What makes renting an instrument from Southeastern Musical Services so easy and affordable?


Unmatched Service: We have the most technically experienced repair technicians in the Southeastern United States. You can trust Southeastern Musical Services, Inc. for professional repairs and service, guaranteed!

Fast Repair Service: Most repairs on rentals will be completed the same day.

• You may buy your rental instrument at any time, but we never require you to buy your rental instrument.

• Rental fees apply towards purchase.

• Buy your instrument within the first 90 days of your rental, and receive a 20% discount off the unpaid balance.

• We NEVER charge interest on your rental! Do you realize how much money this saves you when compared to our competitor’s high interest rent-to-own plan?

• If your child switches instruments during your rental, we will swap your rental to a different instrument at no charge (once only).

No hidden fees: If your child quits, turn the instrument in and walk away. The instrument may be returned to us at any time provided the rental payments are up-to- date. Any outstanding fees will be charged to your account upon return of the instrument.

• All instruments come with a guarantee and are educator approved.

We only offer top quality brands: In the first few challenging months of the learning process, the quality of the instrument is critical to your child’s success.

• We offer FREE evaluations of used band instruments by one of our professional technicians.

Most often, buying from a local vendor, who offers a guarantee, expert repair service, and who supports your local school band program is a far better option. But, if you happen to find a decent used instrument, we urge you to bring it to Southeastern Musical Services for a FREE evaluation.

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